Find a healthcare professional

All Ontario health regulators have a list of the professionals they oversee. This list is called a “public register.” You can check the registers to make sure that a health professional is allowed to practise in Ontario.

The public registers are reliable and up-to-date.

Anyone registered to practise in Ontario has met and continues to meet certain requirements.  The registers will tell you things like languages spoken, location, contact information, and if a healthcare professional has ever been cautioned or disciplined.

Registers can be called by different names.

Ontario health regulators use different names for their public registers. For example, you might see: Find a Professional, Doctor Search, Member Search, Registry or Member Profile.

Use the Register to find:

  • If your healthcare professional is registered with a health profession college
  • Where they work
  • Their contact information
  • The languages they speak
  • Their professional credentials
  • Any discipline history

Click on the profession link below to find the register for your healthcare professional. (Clicking on the links below will re-direct you to another website.)