Learn about your rights

As health consumers in Ontario, you have rights. You and your family have the right to receive safe, ethical, and competent healthcare from qualified professionals. Ontario health regulators exist to protect these rights.

When you see a regulated healthcare professional in Ontario, you can expect:

  • Up-to-date information about the professional, using the online listing available on each healthcare regulator’s website.
  • A clear explanation of any proposed treatment or procedure and your consent will be obtained. You can accept or refuse any treatment or procedure and you can ask questions and express concerns.
  • An indication of any fees or costs for services.


  • You will be treated as a partner in making decisions about your healthcare.
  • You will be given the right treatment for your condition.
  • Your treatment will be given safely.
  • You will be treated with respect and understanding.
  • You should have information about what to do if your health changes or worsens.
  • Your personal information will remain confidential.
  • You can contact an Ontario health regulator to talk about a concern or make a complaint.

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