Public consultations

Your feedback is valuable.

Ontario health regulators often seek feedback from the public, health professionals and others when developing policies, guidelines and other documents.

Your feedback helps us identify and assess the issues that concern the public. It helps us develop the policies and standards that guide the work of regulated health professionals and help colleges protect you.

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Citizen Advisory Group

The Citizen Advisory Group helps bring the patient voice and perspective to 18 health regulatory Colleges in Ontario. To find out more, visit their website at

Tips to Make the Most of Your Health Care Visits during COVID-19

Tips to make the most of your health care visits during COVID-19

A virtual or in-person health appointment may seem stressful under current circumstances, but a little planning and communication can help you make the most of every visit.   Ontario has more than 400,000 regulated health professionals including doctors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, opticians, occupational therapists and more. Regulated health professionals have been following the direction of the Ministry of Health and the guidance of their […]

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Health Regulators Keeping You Safe

Health regulators are keeping you safe during COVID-19

Many of Ontario’s regulated health professionals have been allowed to resume practising after months of having to reduce or suspend their services to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This change means that you can now see a dentist, audiologist, chiropractor, or massage therapist, among other professionals, for more than just emergency care. You may […]

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