Ontario’s health regulators are helping to keep you and your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access each regulators’ website to learn about profession-specific guidance for patients/clients. Note that some professions do not interact directly with patients/clients, and their regulators’ websites may not have specific COVID-19 guidance. For reliable information and the latest developments on the pandemic, visit the Ontario Government’s COVID-19 webpage.

Click on the profession links below to find out more about regulators’ information on the COVID-19 pandemic. (Clicking on the links below will re-direct you to another website.)

5 ways regulation helps instill confidence

Five Ways Regulation Helps Instill Confidence in Health Professionals

How do you know if you’re receiving competent, safe and ethical care from a qualified health professional? Oftentimes we’ll search online and read reviews, or we’ll ask family and friends for recommendations. These are powerful resources, but there’s one more resource: The 26 colleges that regulate many health professionals working in Ontario. While these organizations […]

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4 things you can learn

Four things you can learn about regulated health professionals

Health care is often about asking good questions and gathering important information. Health professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists gather certain details about their patients/clients to help provide them with the best care possible. But you can access details about them, too. This information is readily available online through Ontario’s health regulatory colleges and […]

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