Ontario’s health regulators are helping to keep you and your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access each regulators’ website to learn about profession-specific guidance for patients/clients. Note that some professions do not interact directly with patients/clients, and their regulators’ websites may not have specific COVID-19 guidance. For reliable information and the latest developments on the pandemic, visit the Ontario Government’s COVID-19 webpage.

Click on the profession links below to find out more about regulators’ information on the COVID-19 pandemic. (Clicking on the links below will re-direct you to another website.)

Family and Health Care

Helping ensure you get the quality healthcare you need and deserve is the go-to place for Ontarians to find information about regulated health professionals Every day, we make several decisions. The cumulative stress associated with all the decisions we make, both large and small, adds up—a phenomenon known as decision fatigue. Healthcare choices weigh particularly heavy, especially during a pandemic.  Imagine a busy mom like […]

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Tips to Make the Most of Your Health Care Visits during COVID-19

Tips to make the most of your health care visits during COVID-19

A virtual or in-person health appointment may seem stressful under current circumstances, but a little planning and communication can help you make the most of every visit.   Ontario has more than 400,000 regulated health professionals including doctors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, opticians, occupational therapists and more. Regulated health professionals have been following the direction of the Ministry of Health and the guidance of their […]

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