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Public consultations

Your feedback is valuable.

Ontario health regulators often seek feedback from the public, health professionals and others when developing policies, guidelines and other documents.

Your feedback helps us identify and assess the issues that concern the public. It helps us develop the policies and standards that guide the work of regulated health professionals and help colleges protect you.

List of Current Consultations

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Citizen Advisory Group

The Citizen Advisory Group helps bring the patient voice and perspective to 22 health regulatory Colleges in Ontario. To find out more, visit their website at

Reliable Information

How to Get Reliable Information on Your Healthcare Provider

Are you looking to switch healthcare providers or visit someone new for the first time? With so much ubiquitous information available online, you might be unsure where to start your search for reliable and trustworthy sources. That’s where Ontario Health Regulators can help. Every Ontario health regulator offers an online tool called the “public register” […]

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Doctor's Appointment

Beware of Imposters: When it Comes to Healthcare, Titles Matter

When was the last time you thought about whether your doctor, massage therapist, optometrist or dentist was actually allowed to use their professional title? For many, it’s not a thought that crosses their mind often. One only needs to do a quick Google search to see examples of people posing as health professionals when they […]

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