Your feedback is valuable.

Ontario health colleges regularly seek the views of the public, health professionals and other stakeholders for the development of policies, guidelines and other documents. The feedback we receive helps fulfill our mandate to protect the public.

Through our consultations, we work to achieve transparent, informed and collaborative policy development for the regulation of health professions in Ontario. Your feedback helps us identify and assess the issues we should examine that concern the public.

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The College is currently reviewing its Professional Responsibilities in Undergraduate Medical Education and Professional Responsibilities in Postgraduate Medical Education policies. These policies set out expectations for physicians in the following roles: supervisors for medical students and/or postgraduate trainees, postgraduate trainees, and the most responsible physician in environments where there are medical students and/or postgraduate trainees.

The College is currently reviewing its Third Party Reports and Medical Expert: Reports and Testimony policies. These policies set out expectations for physicians who: complete or prepare third party reports, conduct independent medical examinations, and provide medical expert reports and testimony. The reports, examinations and testimony are for purposes other than the provision of health care (e.g. for insurance benefits, or in respect of workplace issues, attendance in educational programs, legal proceedings, or other third party process). We are inviting feedback at this preliminary stage to help inform our review of the policies.