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There are more than 400,000 health professionals in Ontario. They include doctors, dentists, nurses, kinesiologists, massage therapists and many more. Ontario’s health regulators are the 26 colleges that oversee them. We are called colleges, but we are not schools or organizations that represent the health professionals. Ontario health regulators:

  • Set the requirements for becoming a regulated health professional in Ontario. Only qualified health professionals are registered to practise.
  • Set and enforce standards and rules for practice so that you and your family can receive safe, ethical, and competent care/service from qualified health professionals.
  • Require health professionals to participate in programs annually that help keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.
  • Provide online listings of registered practitioners so you can verify a professional’s status.
  • Receive and investigate complaints about the professionals we regulate.

Read: Brochure about how Ontario’s health profession regulators protect the public. (click to view or download PDF)

Below is a list of websites for all 26 Ontario health regulators. There, you can get more detailed and reliable information about each one. (Clicking on the links below will re-direct you to another website.)

All of Ontario’s health regulators are here to help you.

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